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Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE:FNF), a Fortune 500 company, is a provider of title insurance and settlement services to the real estate and mortgage industries. FNF generated approximately $8.469 billion in annual revenue in 2019 from their title and real estate related operations. Fidelity National Financial, Inc. is currently ranked number 375 on FORTUNE's 2020 list of America's Largest Companies.

A former Escrow Assistant shares the experience of working at Fidelity National Financial, ¨Assistant on a high producing unit for an Escrow Officer who was a tyrant, bipolar, unprofessional, catty, backbiting who lead by intimidation who lack supervisor skills. Little to no training, unorganized, overwhelming work for the amount of people on the unit who cried daily from stressed.¨


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Former Employee - Claims Counsel says

"Only take this job if you literally have zero other options out of law school and have bills to pay, and even then, it might be better to be unemployed. This company has the worst reputation in Omaha for attorneys and will be a big question mark on your resume. “Where legal careers go to die” is a phrase that I had heard on multiple occasions from outside attorneys during my time there. They will suck you in with the decent pay and young, cool coworkers to make up for the fact that this is a faux legal job that will not prepare you for the actual practice of law in any way. The legal market can be tough, so take the job there if you must; but only as a last resort and always be looking for jobs while you’re there. Make sure you get out within your first few years while you still have some value as a young attorney, or else you’ll rot at Fidelity until you’re let go at 35 years old with no real legal experience to show for your time there."

Current Employee - Manager says

"They dont care about their employees"

Current Employee - Claims Counsel says

"-Salary -Lack of transparency with promotions (they never tell you a general structure to anything they do) -Its not in-house its claims like other have stated. This is a essentially a JD preferred position . -Sucker new attorneys / interns by wine and dining them for a summer. -Massive layoffs -High Turnover -Did I say salary? -Tell us to be dishonest to interns to sucker them into coming"

Former Employee - Dormant Specialist says

"Management in some departments is horrible, unprofessional, don’t have the knowledge to be anyone’s superior. Preferential treatment is given to some employees."

Former Employee - Legal Assistant says

"Since being under new management, the morale of employees was very low. They fired 75% of the employees and replaced them with unqualified employees and employees from their own hometown and most of them left because of bad treatment and/or favoritism."


"Poor management, disrespectful from the top down"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible management. Micromanagement galore. Avoid working here."

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"The pay was lousy, it was lousy when I started but I thought I'd be able to move to another area in the company. That was a bad assumption. I worked in a dept where everyone else in the company HAD to use our services but were unaware of which dept was doing it. You stayed in your present position until you left, you weren't allowed to grow out of it, you weren't allowed to go outside of the department without your manager's approval, and the department had already told that wasn't going to happen. People stayed in their positions for 10+ years and were pretty unhappy, contributing to the dysfunctional and poisonous working environment. Then there was the office bully that the manager couldn't effectively deal with that contributed to that poisonous environment. The bully was very bitter they had been passed over for a promotion so every day the bully performed for the captive office resulting in someone being hyper upset or an argument. The office bully had been there for a long time and had many friends in the company and somehow held that over the manager's head. The higher ups were, obviously, outside of this department in some castle far far away, and you had no access to them. The people in this department had been there, in the same job, for 10+ years working in that type of environment, no one was happy but everyone was very afraid to go over the manager's head to complain. The benefits were lousy, very expensive and covered just the very basics, any prescriptions were massively expensive. They made you buy your prescriptions 3 months at a time, which no one in my department could afford so they found all kinds of workarounds. This company didn't care for their employees, it was truly all about being profitable."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Fidelity used to be a great workplace where you were appreciated and rewarded for hard work. I looked forward to going to work every day. Then the take over..... New management imported its own people from Omaha and began pushing out the people who are from Jacksonville, putting well qualified, hard working people on the street. It seems that in order to qualify for a job in the Jacksonville claims center you must be under 25, stick thin and enjoy partying...a lot. After the takeover it was not a pleasant place to work. The people who have been on the job in Jacksonville for 5, 10 or 20 years worry about when the ax will fall on them. It's NOT a happy place to work any more. All they want is robots in micro mini skirts. It feels like high school all over again...cliques and all. In addition to all that, raised are non-existent."


"No communication, hostile work environment and clicks. Its not about what you know or your work its if you fit into their click similar to high school. Not a good experience."

Service Desk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"They tell you that you're doing well. Offer you a permanent position with them. Then, stab you in the back stating performance issues and it won't work out.NoneManagement."

Senior Analyst Programmer (Former Employee) says

"Politics company no secure for girls, boys no value to work here. Management will nicely talk with girls, if girls not accepted for there need they ll say some blame and termination. For boys no value they should work hard like animals, at last no benefits will get."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Run. Run as fast as you can. This company is STILL run by nepotism, favoritism and fear despite several lawsuits. Save yourself the trouble and stress by seeking employment elsewhere"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"No overtime pay. Any work over 40 hours is without pay. Management does not keep you updated with new updates throughout the company. No personal life.401K, Life Insurance and vacation time.No personal life"

Operations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Employees on check team are cut throat if you are not part of the clique. They will lie on you to management especially the Team Lead.Dont waste your time.nothingnothing"

Legal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The job was easy but it was not stable. There were people leaving and comin gall the time. In particular there were college graduates fresh out of school taking others jobs."

Customer Service Associate I (Former Employee) says

"I hated everything about this job. Different lunches everyday and no room for growth. This is probably my most least liked job ever. Pay was ok for my age and needs at the time"

Billing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I gained vast job experience that i can use with other jobs. The pay was ok but i was hired to do one job but was given 5 other jobs to do. To much responsibility for one person to undertake. I was made to feel like an outcast by my manager and fellow co workers.vast job experiencenot a friendly place to work"

Data Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Overtime every single day, turnover rate is high, poor management, low morale, working on weekend, low job security, co-workers were greatlocationmanagement"

Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Worst environment I've ever worked in. Management was terrible, had no clue/involvement in our project. I was a contractor, that was promised a permanent position within 6 months, and that never happened. Then they ended my contract with no notice, and I had done a great job for them."

Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The company does not stand behind its employees, has leaders that bully, micromanage, and lie. They tell contractors that they will go permanent within 6 months, and never convert them to full time. I know contractors that have been there for years. I would not suggest this company to anyone."

Process Analist (Current Employee) says

"Iam working in Title Insurance Process Its releated to Mortgage and Complete Night Shift, USA Process. Its a MNC Company.Service Link9"

Online Banking Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst company to work for they treat the employees in the call center terrible. They do not care care about the time & days they make you work. The management is oblivious to people that make the money for them!the employeescall center has too many managers that do not know how to manage employees!"

Product Development Manager/BA (Current Employee) says

"This is by far the worst company and place to work for. Senior Management is the most worst part and benefits add to that as well! Please do not work here and join any other company if you get a chance as this company and management don't value basic work ethics and always like to defend their side to save their own jobs.There are no prosBad upper management, management not following and valuing basic good work ethics, lot of politics, bad benefits"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I worked for FIS as a Business Analyst for four years. I was responsible for file manipulation and transmission of said files for community bank clients. Typical day involved answering the phone and assisting clients with problems and helping them with solutions.Challenging environmentRotating shifts"

Processor (Former Employee) says

"Management is running the company into the ground and no one seems to care."

Lockbox Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management yells at you all the time. People are backstabbers at this rotten company yet the CEO of this dump pockets over 25 million a year in bonuses! While people suffer with $12/Hr pay and on top of this, they outsource to India! Keep the jobs in America!Do not work for this rotten pit!"

Title Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The manager was a dictator. She would never ask but tell. It was her way or the high way. If you could tolerate her militant style ruling behavior then you will do well. This particular department was just a data entry role and you were forced fed documents to code and enter into the system and lordy, please don't make a mistake because you would be openly reprimanded."

Customer Care Agent (Former Employee) says

"decent workplace very flexible and reliable. Not the typical call center work enviornment managment very helpful.flexibilitylow pay"

Developer (Former Employee) says

"This is a very unorganized company. There is a reorganization every year and unfortunately, since they are just moving the same problem employees around, nothing ever changes. They don't promote from within, raises are non-existent and morale is terrible. I can't think of anything good to say about it.nothingno raises, no promotions, insurance premiums are high, employee morale is terrible."

Tyrone Raki says

"Their customer service is so slow , and unhelpful , and they were very rude to me"

Lisa Curves says

"These people destroyed up my transaction and debited my account over 20k after all transactions were final then they sent me an extra $8700 and then they harassed me For a year and said they would take me to court and charge me with a felony because of the &8700 they gave me of their own free will and consciousness it causes extreme problems in my life and pain for my family and children and they have the worse customer service representatives - they are not helpful they never respond to emails it literally takes months for them to respond savva dobrinsky who works there would send me a threatening email threatening to destroy my life because they gave me money and then not respond to me at all or accept payment they were very difficult to work with and phone representatives were the worse customer service I ever experienced plus they are not safe they have people in the Philippines getting your account information and compromising it and they sell Your data and they’re all together a very evil corporation with horrible service that scam and rip off their clients - stay far away!"

Paul says

"If I could give less than one star I would. I have been trying now for over a month to get my money back from Escrow. I placed money in escrow for a deal that unfortunatley never went through. Since then it has taken well over a month and I still havent got my money back. The people dealing with it seem totally incompetent. I've had various different people asking for the same things (which i've provided) again and again. The amount is in the tens of thousands and I'm now going to take legal advice."

Reece san ? says

"Hey guys, honestly do not buy from here, Escrow be 100% scam! Investigator confirmed ✔️."

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